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I just put a new pair of rims and tires on her thinking it will solve the problem, but it hasnt and my whole car shakes when i go over 110-120 range, what can cause this problem?

i was racing last summer and hit a curb left front side, but i put new tires on my stock rims and it was a little shaky but no as much now... do the rotors bend? or does the chassy need to be straightend? i did a 4 wheel alighnment on her and the guy at the store said that its out .5 degress on each side, i have no idea what that means...
I NEED TO FIX IT i wanna drive fast on the HWY without shaking

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well first of all, what kind of rims did u install. if its the kind that requires u to install an adaptor for the axle, u might have gotten a wrong size. this could be the problem, again check if u have this adator on your rim. check if its crack.

you will only shake during heavy braking if your ROTORS are warped, but u said your shaking at 110-120? or 110 and onwards.

maybe your to nervous and start to shake due to excessive speed. ease up on the coffee...he he just kidding.
hope this helps.
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