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Hello All:

I was backing out of my friend's driveway and this huge piece of pavement came loose and struck my front panel. The panel hinge on the right side came loose and the plastic rim is all bent out of shape. I think I can fix that myself. But the annoying thing is that the stupid rock scratched a fair bit of paint off my panel. Now there are heaps of cracks on the panel in an area of about 20cm by 20cm. Some bits of paint flicked off already, others are still hanging in there but there are lots of rectangular strips of paint broken from the panel and are sticking out. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might be able to repair this myself? Don't want to send it to a panel shop coz I can't afford it.

I was thinking maybe try to glue back the bits of paint that sticking out; and mix colour matched paint from the paint shop and repaint the bits that flicked off already. Is this a good idea? Would the new paint blending in with the old? The colour of my car is champaign.

Much appreciated.:(
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