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Help! Shes guzzaling gas

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can someone help me my 95ls is gettin sh!ty gas mileage. Im gettin 19mpg w/ almost all highway miles, i thought i was supposed to be get like 26,27 highway? :(
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crappy gass
not running 93 octane
are the 0'2s causing a CEL ? bad o2s
no im run 93octane, how do i check the 02 sensers?
dude i get 12 to 14 miles to the gallon regardless of highway or city driving if i drive slow or fast
i wish i could have 19 miles to the gallon lol
whats my cars problem anyone?
In both of your cases, the info provided is a lil' vague. Have you changed your fuel filters?If so when? If your CEL isnt on then it isnt your sensors.Also, the type of gas you use shouldnt affect mileage really,if you buy 6 gallons of 87 or 93,it's still 6 gallons of fuel.Performance is another matter.

Could also be bad fuel injector, fuel hoses(clogged,cracked),worn out tires,dirty air filter etc...I would probably guess the filter though,normally people ignore this maintanence the most,why that is I will never know.
Also,if you have a tendancy to hit the gas a lot, that eats up fuel too.

Hope this helps
Re: hmm

carrierx said:
crappy gass
not running 93 octane
are the 0'2s causing a CEL ? bad o2s
the o2's don't always trip a code...

they can be marginal for a very long time befor ethey fall far enough out of spec to cause the o2 inversion error

without a CEL, i decided to replace my o2's that had 105k miles on them

within 2 tanks of gas it went from on average, 200 miles per tank (all city) to 275 (all city) and close to 300 after resetting my ECU.

on the highway i was getting around 400 after the o2's.

aside fomr that make sure your plugs are good and gapped properly, make sure your cap and rotor on the disty is good and clean, so youre getting the full strength of the spark (otherwise you just leave unburnt gas) etc
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ok i already checked my filter it looks ok but im gonna run to pep boys tommarow and get a new one neway also gonna get a new air filter and change the oil(3,400 kinda been puttin it off) , so hopefully that will help, also theres no cel, and my plugs are gapped right (first thing i checked) if this doesnt help should i replace the 02's how much is that gonna run me?:confused:
How hard are those O2 sensors to change? Do I have to take a lot of vital engine parts off to get to them. I have very simple tools, will I need to get special ones? (rachets, open end wrenches, 12 lb sledge hahahaha just kidding)


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