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There are three coolant sensors on the housing by the radiator cap of a KL engine. I am trying to figure out which one is which. I assume the small one is for the gauge and the other two are for the ecu and the radiator fan. The reason I am trying to find out is cause my mx has the infamous heat up at idle. The gauge rides up about 2/3 of the way when I come to a stop sometimes off the highway but goes right back down when I drive. I have changed the radiator, water pump, and thermostat twice with genuine mazda parts and still the same. I made sure there is no air in the system. The fan kicks on but I don't know if it ever goes to high speed or even if it kicks on at the right time so I would like to check if the sensor for the fan is bad or if the sensor for the gauge is bad. ANy help appreciated Thanx

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according to a Haynes manual:

the one right next to the cap on the thermostat housing by the oil dipstick is the fan control sensor
the one in the middle right between the cylinder banks is the engine coolant temperature sensor
the one in the rear is the temperature gauge sending unit
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