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HELP! wipper arm removal

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I am not the most mechanicaly inclined person in the world but i change my oil put on cai ,exhaust, brake pads ,even short throw, BUT I can not get the wiper arms off to paint them is there a certain tool to pop them off help please its pissing me off
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I did this like during the spring
You have to pull the black caps off the the wiper arm, there is a simple nut under the cap.Grab a socket wrench and just take it off,to get to one of them you might have to pop the hood and go under the part of the hood near the nut.
Do you have a 2nd gen? Cause if you dont then dont listen to what i just said.

If you have a 93ls then you also have a 2nd generation , Ive got everhting off but the damn thing wont pop out ive tried everyhting even a pry bar
Ohhhhh ok,the arm should bend, you might have to use a lil elbow grease but theres a segment that goes from the nut and goes up about 5 - 7inches or so, you gotta pull it up(where the spring is) and take it off that way. I had trouble with it too.
you have to push down on the bending part for it to pop out
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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