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Help with new wheels

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Heya, I've owned my 2nd gen 4WS 6 for almost a year now and I love it, but have never been much of a fan of the stock rims.. Pretty sure they are 15x7's and I wanna chuck on a set of 17's and I have a few questions..

How wide can I go with new wheels without modifying anything?
Whats a pratical width to go for the 17's (as most I find are 17x7 or 17x8) that wont rub on the front OR the back (being 4WS)?
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If it's a GE1, wheels will be 15x6.
GE2 are 15 x 6.5.

17x7 with a 40-45 profile tyre will go on fine, 17x8's I'm not too sure - probably just need to be wary of the profile when selecting a tyre. I know jmoore had some issue with 18x8's, think it was solved with a lower profile tyre and some spacers as they hit the struts.
Thanks for that dmwill! :tup::)

So the 17x7's won't be too wide even with the 4WS?? Because that's my main concern.. And I shall change the tyre profile so that the the tyres are the same size so the car doesn't get any higher and put out the speedo, etc..

I am just asking as I was in at a wheel place the other day and they had a set of rims I liked but they thought they wouldn't fit of which I'm sure were 17x7..
i think the 4ws has wider archers which should eliminate a lot of the problems that i had.
my wheels are 17x8 with +35mm offset and i run 215/45r17 tyres and i don't have any problems, they are AU > falcon wheels
and i have 17x8 rims with 215/45/17 tyres with an offset of +52... but i have 1" spacers all round (with studs of course) and it all fits fine with my 4WS n being dropped 2" on king springs (sigh). never rubs or anything. without spacers id have 1mm clearance not taking into account any camber effects when lowered etc.
Width issues is all to do with offset

Example is above Stealth's 626 using wrong offset - so he needs spacers.

Look or aim for a 40mm offset. And 8inch should wide will clear on 2nd gen.
Ok thanks a heap everyone.. This is everything I needed to know!! And yeah I wasn't sure about the offset so that's definitely gonna help me in my efforts of finding new wheels.. I like these gmax ones here GMax Wheels: Suitable for most fitments in the Australian market. that are called Z5.. Just hope my bank account likes them too!
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