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Cleaning headlights

I got my headlights clean yesterday. There was some dirt inside the lenses and they were quite much like scratched too. I took the lights off. Then I heated them with a heating gun so that the glue, (that keeps the lens and the backside of the headlight), together gets soft and then twisted them apart with a screwdriver. You must be careful with the back of the light, it gets broken very easily if you twist too hard. Then just cleaned them inside with some soft cloth. Wipe it carefully because the mirror gets scrathced pretty easily. Just one wipe.

For the outside I sanded the lens with first 1000 grid wetsanding paper, then 1500 and 2000. Then polish it with some good polishing stuff, I think that your stuff does the job as well.

My lights got a shitload better! There is a big difference, you can even see it when driving at night.

Hope this helps you... :)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts