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It makes sense

You said it was from Japan right? Ok the reason why you have a 1.8L instead of the 2.2L is because of 1. fuel economy, 2. Taxes, 3. the 2.2L wasn't offered anywhere except in the US. (Most GTs were 2.0L non-turbos in the 88-92 model year outside the US. So maybe the 1.8L is the DX and LX version.)

In Japan, there is a yearly tax paid on your vehicle depending on your engine size. So having a 1.8L makes a lot of sense. What I don't understand is why it says Ford on the valve cover. Is the replacement engine from a Ford Telstar?

If the car is AWD, why the small engine?? is it turbocharged??

It's definitely a F series engine. Sorry I doubted you.

kedge, i believe you i just have tons of questions :).

PS could you get me some engine specs (HP, torque, bore/stroke size, etc) What's the engine code? thanks!

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