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Hey everybody

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Hey everybody, I just got a 1993 MX-6 FOR FREE. It's completely stock, pretty beat up, with 166xxx miles and I plan to use it as my winter beater so I can focus on my true love, my 1991 Ford Escort Pony.

I usually hang out on so if anybody else posts there you'll recognise me.

The car is a tomato red colour, with the FS 4cyl, 5-speed, and 14" wheels lol.

Interior is black and in terrible condition.

Pics to come tomorrow evening. I look forward to spending some time on this forum reading about my new aquisition and interacting with my fellow enthusiasts.
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PICS! This is pretty much exactly how I got it yesterday. I've got a TON of work ahead of me, that's for sure. Yesterday I got a lot of cleaning done, and tonight after work I may start pulling seats and carpet.

Let's get some opinions. Not bad for FREE, eh?

Yes, that is an oil drain pan, propane cylinder, oil filter wrench, funnel, tub of grease, and some brake fluid in the trunk.

More junk I removed from the trunk. Some hose, jumper cables, the accessory belt, tow chains, and a random section of hose.


Look at all that dust and grime. Also, the entire lower section of the dash bezel is broken off and missing.

Ice scraper and lots of debris on the floor.

Some golf balls, the Haynes manual, and a rag.

Injen hahahah I can assure you, there are no injen parts installed on this car.

Nasty driver side interior shot.

Torn seat.


2.0 litre DOHC Mazda FS (filthy but runs great!)

The underside is in great shape in comparison with the Escort, but the exhaust is in pretty sad condition.

Apparently the PS pump leaked, so he just took the belt off. I am going to loop the fluid lines around and remove the PS and air conditioning completely.

Parked alongside my 1991 Pony

I guess they're kindasorta distant cousins

My brother's 1994 Ranger in the background.

And last but not least, POWER SUNROOF!
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woot! Put the car on a diet today!!

Removed all the air conditioning and power steering components. I put all the junk parts in a box and it's definitely heavier than I expected. Check it out.

Sweet beautiful nothingness!

Yep, no more A/C or P/S

This is where the A/C lines went into the thing in the dash

Looped the power steering lines.

This is my last hope to remove the smell of junkyard from the car...

...industrial odor removal powder!

Tearing the dash apart

The carpet came VERY clean... I used Simple Green AND Purple Power degreasers. The white stuff is just dried suds and they brush right off. More pics of this once I get it reinstalled, possibly tomorrow if it's dry enough.

What's this, a power antenna? ...but it's not hooked to anything. Wtf.

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Wow, congrats on the free pickup, its worth at least 500 bucks :)

Im going to go ahead and copy this to the gallery for you since you got so many pics :)

Welcome to the site

Edit- I cant copy from this forum. :(
Thanks! I hope it works out for me as a safe car in the winter, since I have to drive to Pittsburgh and back (about 2hrs) at least once a week for school. I'll probably give it to my brother when I'm done with school. He wants to gut it and race it, or something.

Any idea what the deal might be with the power antenna? By the looks of it, it seems it's just something random somebody installed. Is the black harness connector for a factory power antenna?
can't argue with free man! looks like you're doin well with the clean up
The car's coming along... I resurrected the exhaust on Sunday... it was broken in several places and the muffler was rusted out. The only really nice part was the catalytic converter.

I had a $20 glass-pack laying around from my brother's old setup so we installed it in place of the stock muffler... it sounds "ok" but kinda ricey.

Here are pics:

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