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hey guy what is different between mx-6 92-93?

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hey guy i want to know what is different between mx-6 92-93?
um is mx-6 1992 can put bodykits and other stuff from mx-6 1993 or not?

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It received a complete redesign in '93. They have no body panels in common and the drivetrain is completely different.
It depends on where you're from, I think if you live anywhere but the united states the 1992 and the 1993 are the same.
They release the 2gen mx6 in Japan in 92. 93 in the states.
so that's mean mx-6 1993 batter than 92 ??
^ Dude, if you put the two cars next to each other, do they look the same?

If so, they are the same generation.

You get two generations and in 92/93 there was a "change-over" period.
In other words, you can get both 1st and 2nd Gen MX's from 1992.

The newer (2nd Gen) version is uprated but would still be a matter of opinion which is better... Thats a whole new thread.

In my opinion 1993 is thus "batter"
to save you the effort of switching on your brain (judging by your question im guessing its still off) just dont buy anything older then a 95.. youll save yourself a bunch of un-needed headaches mainly centred around things you proably dont care about... not bodykits...

If you're willing to learn (or if you already baught the car), then start by looking at the two silver cars in the top right hand corner of the page, and say, which does your car look like, the one on the left, or the one on the right.. they are both Mx6s, but they dont have interchangeable parts (which means you cant use parts that were made for one, in the other)... also, before putting a body kit on a 6,... infact never mind just dont..
MX-6 GE 92 and 93 are the same. Only diffrent I know is emblem - in some 92 models is old Mazda logo, daimonds. I have 92 MX and all parts, style are the same as >93 models, except hood and steering wheel emblem.
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