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Hey Guys

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When are we all gonna meet up.
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im down after im boosted :)
plus there is a place up here by me that has the part you need to adapt the oil feed line to the block... its 5 bucks and its quiality quality stuff... i still have to go back there to get a new -10 fitting cause mine broke on my oil pan...
were almost done i just got out the hospital and i think starting next week i will be done with my 6 as will joey so theres one more 6 so i think next time we roll we should have like 10 probes and 6es at least
clutch and battery relocation are getting ordered this weekend. Then all i need is the wastegate, fuel pump, and fpr

o and im getting my exhaust redone, i got stealths old highflow cat and muffler coming and then i will get the done too
we need a meet but no flaking out!!! lets set a date.
i say sometime next year... gives everyone time to get their shit together... or in december... have a holiday oriented meet... lol... idk...
as long as its after im boosted im down.
im almost done i technically if i have a fuel pump and an fpr it will be boosted, but i need a wideband and a clutch to be perfect
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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