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hey oscar

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hey bro... hit me up some time.... i am suppose to start work on the 29th... but they pay bi-weekly... which sucks... but aint too bad.... just got to catch up on my bills then ill be sending you that money.... so expect a couple monthes from now... and i got me a guy here in vegas who said that i dont need to worry about getting my smog sticker... because he can make it pass for me.... lol... i cant wait to see how he will do it... but i got a few cars here who i want to put into there place... they keep fucking with me everytime i go somewhere.... so i am assuming that they live close to me... although i dont know where... and this one guy in this green probe... he keeps following me everywhere i go... i drove around a block 4 times just to see if he was following me then drove to apex and back and around the airport and then down the vegas strip and into walmart.... he still followed me and when i stopped and got out of my car he would just back up and disappear for a bit them i would take off and there he was... its kinda creepy...

only if i had some jumping jacks to throw in the road as he follows... lol
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What up hoes
What you doing in Vegas?
hes about to start heading this way after friday... does anyone have ANY money to lend to help him get back?
well ill be back in texas in about 3 weeks.... i got me a temp job here for a bit... so now its just a matter of time...
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