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Heyyyy youuu guyyys!

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I'm here, only because Jeff yells at me when I miss a meet that's 10 minutes from my house.


Yeah...I'm going to try...TRY to keep up with this site...once I figure out how to change this stupid dark theme...
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Brian, from NY, just came by last night to finally pick up his old motor/tranny from the swap I did for him. We discussed having a mod meet since he just picked up a straight neck ZE IM *with VRIS* to replace his current one which does not have VRIS. I think we're looking at a Saturday coming up this month sometime. Unfortunately, I'm out of town the weekend of the 18th, so we're looking at the 11th or 25th.

Stay tuned for a new post once I've hammered down the time a little more.
25th is a Mazda meet in Brighton? And they've been waiting just as long for me to go to one of their meets as you have haha...

And the 11th is the New England Rally Fall Run...we're driving the
Then it looks like you'll be waiting till a November meet.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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