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Hi from me....

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First off let me introduce myself. I am from Newberry SC. I own a 91 Mazda MX6 with over 300K on it the car is GREAT and i get right 30+/- MPG out of it. I have a few motors to trbuild for it when i need them but now she is still running great.

next: thanks for letting me join. I hope to learn a lot from here.

last: OddBall, i love the boxing kitty!

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Hi and welcome ..

Looks like the 1st gen section of the forum is going to be a good read for you. Any questions, fee free to ask, although do please search the 1st gen section before asking in there, virtualy everything had been covered before :tup:

Glad you like the cat.

Welcome to the forum Bob, It's fun to see a high mileage 1g around. So far the record seems to be around 445k miles..

We (the 1g crowd) are cranky and grumpy, but don't let that frighten you. We have figured out most of the common problems, and as Oddball mentioned, virtually everything has already been posted- - if you search enough.

Don't worry about asking questions in the New Members forum. Everybody plays nice here.

I'm curious - what maintence have you done on your car? and when? That is a frequent question - when does X break? what should I replace when?

As with any machine, the Mazda GD platform ('88-92 Ford Probe, '88-'92 MX6, '87-92 626, '88-96 GV), does best with preventative maintence - but it is nice to find out what people have done and when...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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