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Hi - I just got myself a MX6!

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Hi I own a Eunos 30x, (MX3) and am doing a KLZE engine swap. I needed a second car and thought why not stick with the K series engines. Found a MX6. It's nowhere near perfect but the price was lower than most MX6s around here.

It's making a sort of loose ticking noise, I think the timing belts need doing. The air con compressors is apparently dead too, which I new when I got it. No big deal as I got a spare on my good old K8 engine :p

I didn't notice something though until after I bought it... the steering does not centre itself. Like if I turn left, it kind of stays in that position. Is that normal, I remember reading that it's normal on MX5 so I dunno.

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there are two common issues that create a ticking sounds:

1 - timing belt tensioner (tbt) - when they get old and lose their hydraulic pressure, they wobble. you also have an increased chance of skipping a tooth with the timing belt, since its not as tight as it should be.

2 - hydraulic lash adjustment (hla) - when the lifters get clogged (old oil, infrequent oil changes, etc... but the K series is especially prone to this) they don't get the same pressure and don't expand quickly enough - instead tapping. typically, a few good engine flushes will help the problem, as it removes the clogs, and varnish. In extreme cases the lifters collapse altogether.. and no amount of flushing will help.

its all about location, to determine which it is. if theyre under the valve covers - its the hla's. If its coming from the passenger side of the engine, about midway down where the heads meet the block, its the tbt.

re: centering of the steering rack - mine has always tracked back to straight after exiting a turn, even with very wide and sticky tires. Check for slop in your tie rod ends, control arm joints, and the rack itself.
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Cool thanks mate. Yeah the noise must be the Tensioner like you said, it's definitely not HLA noise, which I am familiar with hehe. Noise coming from my drivers side, but that's the passenger side in America. I have a new hydraulic tensioner, which is good. I'm wondering how hard a timing belt + idler + tensioner + water pump change is when the engine is still in the car? It looks like it will be just as much of a bitch as my Eunos 30x is.
its not as terrible as most peopel think..

just make sure to take off the crossmembers (easy) and the wheel well liner (easy also, but make sure you don't break the clips)

If you're familiar with working on it, then its likely 0.05% easier than your mx3... but that's about it lol.
Oh I see lol. Well, once the Eunos is done with the KLZE swap I will attend to the MX-6 hehe. It goes pretty well though, am really enjoying the extra torque of the KLDE. It's a nice engine indeed.
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