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Ive had an oil psi gauge since i got my car. Its been normally reading 20psi at idle, 60 psi at cold start and 40 psi normal driving. Now i just changed my oil, and said what the heck ill buy the 9$ fram extended gaurd filter, i also put in some valvoline durablend 5w30 oil in. Now im reading 40psi at idle, 60 when driving...and who knows at cold start.
Im just wondering if this is ok. I also had to repair the psi sender fitting because it was leaking oil..maybe that had an effect on it? but it wasent leaking oil till this past week.
I have a mechanical gauge. Mazda Mx6 Ls 94 V6 Mtx

Btw this isnt to much oil or lack of oil. the psi doesnt go by how much oil you got..

i also just did a kareosene oil flush as well and 1 before this oil change to..and ive alwase been running 5w30
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