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hla's pic please

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i recieved teh hla's today, just want to know if i got the right things, could someone post pics, or tell me a link to teh pics, or describe them to me in a easy manner.

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thank you, that helped me alot, i now know that did send me the right thing and now my car maybe not as noisy, thanks again

are the HLA's u received stock replacements or upgrades? Could you give more info on which ones are the ones for our cars? thanks!
i believe they are just stock repalcements, but if you go to mazda they will cost you somewhere well over 20.00 a piece -vs- paying 9.00 a piece from flatlanderracing teh part number from flatlander is ala ma-12 they're made by top line which may be an upgrade, considering top line makes alot of higher perfomance parts.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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