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ok the "Hold" was a safety feature for the auto tranny, if something was detected wrong with the tranny it would go into "default mode" and dissalow the gearbox to change to fourth gear. If this light is on or blinking, this means that you need to go try to pull some codes off your car, my car is doing the exact same thing and after doing a bit of research online I have come to the conclusion that the auto tranny for the MX6 is really bad, and not getting any better

Im not really sure how to pull codes so dont look at me :) im sure you can search it on the site. but yea, that means ur tranny is detecting something wrong. 9 times outa 10 its not something mechanically wrong with the tranny, its in the electrical system. Thats why you need to pull codes to see exactly what its doin, I know I will be doin that later today anyways, or trying to hah. Good Luck and I hope that helped!
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