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Look, I don't want to get anyone offside, but that story was horrible. Anyone that thinks it is funny is an a_hole. I mean really, Somebody died, and for what, some whakker who couldn't handle that someone elso had a better car than he did.

I think the feeling that some of us may be searching for here, is compassion.
crusty said:
I have compassion for little kids dying in hospital. I have compassion for the parents of the guy that got killed (I have a 5 month old boy and the thought of ever losing him makes me want to cry). I have compassion for a lot of worthy people. But not for someone involved in street racing, passenger or otherwise.

Like I said, this is an easy sentence to say & one I hope to teach my boy.

Don't think I'm being flippant or cold, I have the same feeling towards anyone killed doing something dumb. If I die doing something dumb, feel compassion for my family, not me, I won't deserve it.
Ok, fair enough, and i DO respect your points. As Billy Connely said "we need to cull the herd". It's true, absolutely. Personally, I would have said "let me out dic*head, you're driving like an idi*t" but there are others amongst us who do not speak their mind, peer pressure and all that.

I only feel for the passenger, as yes, he could have asked to get out, but decided to wait it out. (or maybe he was realy just a kn*b who thought it was cool). Who knows, I just think it is a little harsh - esp when we don't know the full story.
ducktape69 said:
ok this threead is getting really ridiculous....

True, true. It feels like one of those religion debates. Just goes round and round.
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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