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hood decal-opinions and/or help

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what do ya think bout the new mazda "M" on the hood of a 6? ya know-instead of the "flame". i'm thinkin it'll look better. eh??? this isn't news to ya, then is there a model that might provide a decent fitting emblem? i appreciate any help (not criticism). thanks
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REPOST. Yea its been done. Looks nice. Matches the contour of the hood.

Heres a few pics.
I'm not sure if that's your car or not, but if so (or if it's not but you have an idea), what Mazda is that emblem off of? My guess is a Miata
No its not mine. Yes you can get them for a 99 Miata.:)
thanks!! it looks as good as i thought it would. those yocals at the mazda dealer were no help at all. :D
It looks good

I ordered mine from it looks great, i think they have about three sizes s, m, l :cool:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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