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I was thinking about a turbo for my i got a 93 LS with the v6 (of course). My good friend of mine had mentioned getting an engine from an 88-92 mx6 that is already turboed and replacing the cams and etc...and popin it in under the hood. I figured this idea would work, with the right amount of money that is. Leme know if you think itd be worth it.

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possible yes, it has been done at least once on a probe, worth while probley not. Just becuase both engines are from an mx6 doesent meen that are even closely related. major modiffication would be needed, just turbo your ls as it is, it really is a good time to turbo a six, when i bought my six less then half a year ago there was no turbo options except custom, now we have dan's kit(check out the bulk buy's) and another probe kit(cant rember whos makin it) that should fit our car they just need to test fit it. also in the past few months has started up, they plan on building turbo kits (as well as lots of other goodies:D ) so there's no reason to swap engines, also check out the fi forum here and on
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