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How many miles can I expect out of an '88 GT engine?

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Hi everybody - new member here. :wave:

I used to own an '88 GT, loved it(!!!), and regretted trading it in when I needed to buy a pickup (and couldn't justify keeping it as a third vehicle, even tho, in hindsight, I should have

My current situation includes 100 miles of commuting per day... I'm currently doing this on my motorcycle, but once the colder weather/snow hits, I'm going to want something that gets better gas mileage than my Durango!

I've come across another '88 GT for sale, but it has 241,000 miles on it. The current owner bought it a few months ago from the original owner. I've yet to see it, but it apparently runs well and has been well taken care of. I'm pretty interested in it, but am a little concerned about the mileage (which is why it hasn't sold yet).

How many more miles might I be able to expect out of this car if I purchased it?

TIA :cool:
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don't know much about the first gen cars, but if its a good deal and has been taken care of...... :shrug:
My 88 Gt has around 275,000 with mods and still runs great. The only thing wrong is the freeze out plug. Im gonna fix it soon and post some pics.FE3's are easy to learn.
O ya i run it hard as hell all the time. i just change the oil alot.
I've pulled a few apart at 150-250k and I could still EASILY see the cross-hatching, little bearing wear. Most fail due to overheating in my experience, or dropping a valve from higher RPM.
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Mine is going on 242k miles. I've boosted at least 14psi since 140k. I pulled the head at 238k because of failing HLA's and my cylinder walls were mirrored in a fine cross hatch pattern still :)

If you take care of your motor and maintain regular maintenance, I wouldn't see why these engines won't last past 350k miles in stock form.
Thanks everybody... I'm going to take a look at it this weekend, bringing along a friend who is a mechanic, and if it's been as well cared for as I've been led to believe, I'm going to pick it up. :D

There's only room for one Superhero. Prepare to defend yourself.
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Hey - at least my spandex doesn't ride up in the crotch.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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