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Concepts for this area:

My current goal is to revamp the entire FAQ system. At this point I am limiting the alpha stages to the first generation forum because I am a moderator in that area. If this Idea works it will be presented to the other moderators to use. If it fails, don't worry and projects you submit will be sent to the original projects forum.

How this works. Anybody can submit a project or FAQ to the submission area. At that point and users can post ideas and constructive criticism to the post. After moderator review, and any corrections made, the post will be whisked away to the proper sub forum. Any additions or edits can be made by the original poster by request, but the post is otherwise locked. Additions and edits will have to be resubmitted to the moderators and other posters for review before being submitted to the proper sub-forum.

Please submit your projects with a subject that contains the requested forum and the title of the thread. Example: Engine: How to change the oil.

I will also take requests for additional forums if a post does not fit in to the current mold.

This area is not the proper area to post questions, all non-project development posts will be deleted on sight with no questions asked.

Please PM me if you have any suggestions or issues.


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