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This "How To" will go through the steps to replace the Antenna Mast for second generation Mx6's.

Tools Needed:

10mm Socket wrench/wrench
Flat-Head Screwdriver
Philips-Head Screwdriver(Med.)
All Purpose Greese/Lube
A friend for about two minutes

Step one:
Take your flat-head screwdriver and remove the ring that is on the outside top where the antenna is.Then pull the broken antenna mast out.

Step two:
Open your trunk and look right.There is carpet covering the antenna motor.So take and use you flat head screw driver and remove the plastic anchors used to hold the carpet up.Then push it down and out of your way.

Step three:
Take you 10mm socket wrench and remove the two bolts holding the motor in place.Also, remove the plug that goes into the bottom on the motor so you can move it ,but you wont be able to remove the other wires going into it so be careful not to pull them out.

Step four:
Now you will see the drum that holds the antenna mast.Use the philips head screwdriver to remove the screw in the center that holds it on then pull it off and remove the broken off piece if the antenna mast.Then put the drum back on and reattach the motor to the car and put your carpeting back up.

Step five:
Now take your new antenna mast and take that greese/or lube and greese the new antenna mast plastic beaded line.

Step Six:
Turn on your radio and while its on slide the new mast down into the motor until it stops now have your friend shut the radio off.Use a little down force and sometimes you will have to spin the line a little to get the motor to grab it ,but once it does let the motor take it in.The motor should pull it all the way down in the hole.Then all thats left to do is take and place the ring back over the antenna and tighten it down and enjoy your new antenna that works.

I hope this "How To" helps everyone who has wodnered about the difficulty in fixing their antenna.
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