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:rolleyes: This is a basic "how to" For the correct way to install the Camaro RS Rear Lip ( Y3F Style) on the 1993-1997 Mazda Mx6.

Step 1:

Purchase a "Y3F Style" Rear Lip for a 1998- 2000 Camaro RS.

Step 2:
The Lip will be to long and will need to be cut.

Cut the lip in the center of the exhaust hole. This is allow you to line up the lip to the bumper. Scribe a line on the bumper where the lip sits best.

Step 3:
After Cutting the lip in the middle of the exhaust hole, you will want to scribe a line across the lip where to make a second cut. This should be done the same angle as the exhaust hole so it looks like an "add on" if you cit it flat or straight it will not look right. See the angle i cut it at..

Step 4:
After Cutting the lip you will be left with a ugly edge.

Step 5:

Cut some plastic for the hole and grind or sand it to fit. Like this.. dont mind my dirty hands..

Step 6:

Back it up with some plastic filler/ Fusor = ( Used on rubber bumpers ) Do not use bondo it will not flex.

Step 7:

Use the same Filler/Fusor on the outside and sand to look presentable. Remember to sit it against the bumper to the edges match. As you can see it now looks as if it was never cut. Do this to all the edges that were cut, This would be ... Inside by the exhaust hole and the excess left sticking out past the bumper ( to long of a lip) Dont Cut any Mounting Clips! and save the pieces left over.

Step 8:

The Left over parts you can use for the clips.. to help hold the lip on the bumper, You can use a Special Glue ( Panel Bond ). Or just get creative.?.

Step 9 :

As you can see the lip is now held on. The ones on this bumper are some GM fender cover clips, any basic plastic push clip should do. Make sure its the correct size for the hole, bring a clip or piece of bumper to a body shop and im sure they will sell you some. This is what it should look like held by the clips. Notice how the lip, going the same angle as the bumper. Looks like it was purchased from Mazda:rolleyes:.

Step 10:
This is not required..

The body line is shaved. Cleen with this mod. It does not "clash" with the body line. I think one line on the rear bumper is enough and it might look funny with the two lines across the rear. But that call totally is totally up to you. Remember do not use any bondo on the rear bumper bondo will not flex! You can purchase the proper plasti filler at Napa or if you care canadian .. Lordco.

Step 11:

After the bumper is all sanded and ready for primer you will want to attach the lip better. Small rivets for this work good. My bumper has one rivet between all the mounting clips/tabs. This Photo you can see here..

Step 12:

Trim the bumper here.. This make it look cleaner and you will not see the over lap from the bumper, Do this on both sides of the exhaust hole. ( Do this before primer.)

Step 13:
Seam Seal ( purchased at auto stores) I think looks really good. Done on my side skirts, as well as down the seam of the rear lip. It take out any small cracks between the bumper and the car. Seam seal must be on plastic so dont prime before using it. Sand the area you will seam seal. Its used like caulk, make a bead and then run your finger down to make it look some what like this. pretend you are doing the seam in your shower.. lol This can not be sanded.. so take some practice runs.

Then after primer it looks like this.

All Done!

Now all you have to do is have it primed, sanded with a 400 grit, and painted.

This is the finished Product after Primer. What do you think?

Now is that clean or what! I think this is the best way to finish off my HType Body kit. Thanks for reading my post and I hope this clears up any questions for how hard the " RS Rear Lip Mod" is.

Money Spent:

RS Rear Lip - used- : $ 500 Canadian Shipped from Seattle WA,

1994 Mx6 Rear Bumer: $ 150 Canadian shipped thanks Renboy!

Seam Seal and Plastic Filler and Fusor: $200 Canadian

Plastic Clips/Rivets: Around 10$

Sandpaper and tools.. well thats in ur garage..:p

Prime and Paint from a body shop is around $80/hour. Takes About 2.5 Hours to Prime sand and paint. And the cost of material depends on shop.

Total hours = 13.5

Total Cost Candian if you do the work your self about = $860.00

Total Cost To pay a Body Shop about = $1,940.00



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awsome right up i wanna see it when done an painted good work sending you some K for this.

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that looks so cool an 2k is a lot to spend on a bumper, even if it is in canidan. maby you could make a mold and start producing them for us. naw better one than many, adds to that custom look.

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if a body shop did it he did it for 860
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