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Thanks go out to 1lowmx6 and medeival6 for inspiration and directions. :)

Seen as how i have been neglecting this post for months now and i told some of you i would be making it, here it is.

To start off this project i would recommend getting your products.
1) 3M super trim adhesive (or the general trim adhesive is good enough if you are going to choose option 1 [read farther])
2) Fabric of choice
3) 1/4in Foam display board (various sizes, foam in middle and tagboard on each side)
4) Design, preferablly a large vinyl sticker

3M glue can be purchased online (youll need to search), or at your local auto store. The cost is approx. $17

The foam board can be found at your local Office Max for approx. $20

You can get a sticker cut at a local vinyl shop for around $10-20 Get the cheapest vinyl the have because it is going to be covered in the end.

Fabric can be found at your local arts and crafts store. Material should run you about $30 ($10/yd. for 3 yards)

I first got some mettalic velvet, but the backing on it was poor and the glue just came right through the material and messed it all up. Ended up costing me almost $30 Moral of the story, get some good thick fabric if you can with a tighly woven backing. Just try to find something that the glue will not pass through. Anyways i ended up using dress velvet.

Next you are going to need to remove the headliner and sunroof pannel (if you have one). Here are the instructions given be medeival6.

midevel6 said:
how to take off your headliner!!!

1. pull your front pillers off buy pulling them tords you.
2. on the rear window piller pull off the seatbelt harness cover then unscrew the 2 bolts on each piller.
3. on the sunvisers you need a flat head screw driver , pop off the bracket cover on both sides on 1 sunviser then un screw, then pull it off. the sunroof half way the pull off the trim around the sunroof then pulloff the metal trim under it,then put your hand over the headliner then snap it off then pull of the headliner off the sunroof part.
5.use a butter nife and pop off the lens on the dome light, then unscrew the screw,then pull the dome peice tords you then unplug the harness.
6.carefully slip your hand over the rear of the headliner in theback off the car then start snapen it of tords the front,then put your seats down then take it out.
The only difference I had wen i did mine is i took out the rear quarter pannels to get the rear quarter window trim off.

Now that you have the headliner off , and you have your products, you can do 1 of 2 things. I will strongly recommend the first option here.

1) Peel all the old headliner off and remove all the foam (this took me approx. 4-5 hrs because of the foam sticking)
2) If you are not going to do the embossing you can try to leave the fabric on, but it may not work out for you, and you will then have to try option 1.

I first tried option 2 and it ended up not working, so it was a waste in $20 worth of glue, and $25 worth of dress velvet (mind i also wasted 30 on the metallic velvet.) [IF YOU DONT DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME THIS PROJECT CAN END UP COSTING OVER $100 EASILY]

*Note*- When getting down to the last bit of foam use 80 grit sand paper then 180 to get a smooth finnish.

You can now go ahead and lay the design pattern in vinyl that you bought on the 1/4in foam board.

Should look like this.

Then you will need to use a razorknife to cut the design out. Try not to rip the foam out of the middle. Scissors is not a good idea, as it crushes the foam.

Now it will look like this.

Now glue the emblems onto your headliner with 3m glue of choice as you see fit. Personally I like mine centered, but maybe you want yours angled. :shrug:

Now you are going to get ready to upholster the headliner. (recommended 2 helpers. parents work great. :)) Lay you headliner on a square table so that you can work from all sides. lay the fabric on top and cut the extra off. Make sure to leave some fabric overlaying the edges because it will be sucked in by the contour of the headliner. The extra 1 yd or so of fabric you will utilize for the sunroof pannel.

Peel back the rear half back to just before the sunroof, you will want to do the rear first.

*Note*- Follow the direction on the glue you buy to a T or it will not work!!

Spray back and fourth until you have a nice layer of glue each on the headliner and the backing of the fabric

Should look like this

Now wait for however long it says in the direction on your glue, and then you can have 2 people on each side holding the fabric while 1 person lays the glued area together.

Now work you way down the emblem in 4-6in strips making sure to get glue on all sides and edges of the emblem.

Then after you are done with the rear half you ar going to need to start doing around the sunroof. Do not try to cut sunroof hole as big as the hole itself because you are going to end up moving the fabric and then it will have a cut in your headliner.

Around the sunroof is the hardest part so take your time

Should look like this

After you let it dry for a while you can then flip it over and wrap the extra fabric around the back. be sure not to get glue on the front or else it will ruin it.

Now you will want to leave your headliner for at least 1-2 days to let it totally dry. After it is dry then you can cut the holes for the visors and the dome light housing. I do not have a pic of the headliner finnished out of the car, but here is a pic of what it will look like when done.


PS- I was going to put the mazda lettering on the sunroof pannel, but there is just to much contour to it to not have wrinkles so i scrapped it.

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good write up. i wish i had mine in still, i had flames with tan cloth, then went with the efini symbol wrapped in carbon fiber, and now just tan leather to match the inserts
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