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Hi there,

I've got the stock cassette/cd combo in my 6. The CD player is broke. Although everything seems to be functional (stereo/tape playback/etc), the sound does not come out of the speakers. However, sometimes everything go back to normal, especially in cold weather (yes weird hum...).
I know it is the CD player because the whenever the CD player's lights are on, I get normal sound. Sometimes the lights would come on/off for about 10 sec intervals, so I get sound for ~10 seconds as well. Anyways, I tried to disconnect the CD player by pulling off the back 12-pin cable but after I did that the radio does not play at all. It almost seems to me like the two things have to be interconnected for normal functioning. I'm trying to fix this old stereo because I'm using an mp3 player with a cassette adapter. Any suggestions?? I can't really afford a new stereo at this moment so please help!!!


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