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I just finished up my front stabilizer bar endlinks and thought I'd share them with all of you :D Thanks to a few tips in the Suspension forum I went ahead and pulled these together (Thanks again for the links Gavin :tup:)

My purpose of doing this was 3-fold: a) I needed to cut my old endlink off while replacing one of my control arms (Shameless Plug: Control Arm Bulkbuy is going on right now for these, check my sig) and needed a new one, but every Ford/Mazda dealer around couldn't get one in for 3 days; b) Unless you buy them online from for $31.99 ahead of time, most Ford/Mazda dealers are charging anywhere from $55 - $65 PER endlink :eek: ; and c) Not only did I want to do something cheaper, but also something of better design that would not rely on some dumb little 4 mm allen head in a bolt to keep it from turning. As you'll see in the pictures, that will NOT be a problem with these!

Picture of the endlink assembled :thup:

Each endlink consists of:
2 Teflon self-lubricating race rod ends (3/8"x24 Female RH) - $4.60 at Grainger (Home Depot, etc))
2 1 1/2" 3/8" x 24 Hex bolts (Grade 5) - $0.14 each at Littles Hardware (Or any Hardware Store, etc)
6 3/8" x 24 Hex nuts - $0.03 each at Littles
1 2 1/4" 3/8" x 24 High Carbon Steel Rod (Grade B7 - Came as 36", cut to length) - $3.97 at Littles
2 3/8" lock washers - $0.02 each at Littles

Grand total: $9.70 + 1/14th of a $4.00 rod (or $.029) ;)

Test Drive:
I really don't feel too much of a difference, which is what I was going for. I do notice what I believe is a better rebound during the middle to end of a turn at 40 MPH+, but I'm not too sure if this is my imagination or not :D The new endlinks certainly have less "slosh" about the joints, so that should lead to a bit more control precision by the stabilizer bar.

- I wasn't sure whether or not to go with some bushings on either or both ends of the endlinks, so I went ahead and also bought 4 2" 3/8"x24 Hex Bolts just in case. I knew the stock front endlinks didn't use bushings but I figured I'd play it safe. However, I'm pretty happy with the way they work without adding bushings in the mix. I'll see if I still feel that way in a week or two.

- Being that I went ahead without bushings, I needed some space between the rod end and stabilizer bar, as well as the other rod end and the control arm since the OEM endlinks have some space between the middle of the ends and the bolt. To remedy this I simply slipped a bolt on the rod end bolt BEFORE placing it on the attaching item. This gave just enough space to make things fit close enough to the stock endlink as I could tell with the naked eye.

I know many of you are planning on replacing your endlinks either over the winter or in the Spring, so I figured that sharing this info might help you save some money and help improve your ride a bit... I'm interested in hearing some feedback from all of you :D

Some installed Pics... Don't mind the dirtyness :thdown:

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