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well since i was getting my car painted and all, i said i wanna make my trim look like new again, so i went to autostores and looked around for products that will help, so i came accross this spray bottle, that was called trim paint from Dupli-color.

as for the how to do it its really easy, dosnt need a long write up at all.

- water and soap and a spong
- sand paper(preferably not a really rough ones)
- spray paint bottle
- hand protectant gloves (if u want to)
- and your trim

well u could do this on your car or take the trim off and do it, up to you(i had mince off cause car ws getting painted)

- get the water and soap and the sponge, wash the trim, and clean it, and then let it dry(u could use a rag, or let it dry by it self)

- get a peice of the sand paper, and slightly sand out the trim, dont go all hard on it and sand down like 1/4" off of it. so u just sand it a little to kinda make the surface good for painting

- then use the water and soap again, clean the trim, so there wont be any deposits left from your sanding, casue u want to paint the trim

- cover the body of the car with something so u wont paint the car with the trim(if u have the trim on the car still)

- then use the spray paint and spray and even coat on the trim, let it dry

- if u want spray another coat if you think the trim needs it
(i ended up spraying 2 coats on it, thought it was enough)

- then let dry and take off the stuff that you coverd your car body with.

you could also use this on your mudflaps too. it looked great on mine



i got the paint form autozone, for like 3.99$ i think it was for the bottle.

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