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Hi All

I've been beseeched with the most horrible windshield blade chatter and streaking for the last couple of months. Its an 18 y/o windshield. Couple of minor rock chips. It's so bad I was even considering removing the windshield all together and drive with out one.

What have I done to try get ride of the issue?

- Five different sets of wipers in the last year
- RainX: hate the stuff
- Bent my arms in a bit more for tension
- Super Fine Steel Wool to polish the windshield
- Various cleaners: Sunlight, Oven Easy Off Cleaner, etc.
- Wax the damn windshield

All of the above at best help for a hour or so in the rain, after that all hell breaks loose and I want to kick the damn windshield out of the car. Mantrums, too many of them.

How did I fix it?

4 x Microfiber cloths
1 x Simonz window spray foam
1 x Dewalt Drill
2 x Dewalt Batteries fully depleted
1 x Polisher attachment
1 x Meguiars #M0216C Fine Cut Cleaner

How did I come up with this list? hopped onto Meguiars site and people claimed that the fine cut abrasive would work at dealing with the minut crap on the window to restore the smoothness so that the blades won't catch and cause chatter and streak.

- Cleaned the window with the simonz foam spray (any decent foam spray is fine)
- Dropped the polisher in the dewalt and loaded up the window with a couple swirls of the Fine Cut Cleaner.
- I did the windshield in about 50 minutes
- Back and forth in lines, no thicker that the width of the polisher.
- Buffed out the remnants of the Fine Cut Cleaner
- Washed the window with soap and water - hell ended up washing the car in the ran

Did it work? Yes it did

Just timed a rainfall and took the car on the highway. The water now just sheets off and the blades slice the water away with not chatter or streaking.

Project Windshield, done!

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Good advice dude. I know you've had this problem and I was clueless on how to fix it. Now I know how to tell other people to fix it. :tup: I can't leave karma on my cell phone, but if I could, I would. Good job man.

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Thanks for the compliments guys. It is pretty crazy how obsessed I got trying to solve it. Now the only thing is how often will I have to polish it? Don't know but for the results I get if I have to do it twice a year I am down with that.
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