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Items Needed:

H3 HID Kit
Universal Fog Light Wiring Harness
Quick Connect Terminals
Dremel & Sanding Drum
Socket and Wrench set

This write-up assumes that you know how to remove and replace the fog light bulbs, housings and wiring. If you need more details on how to do this please let me know and I'll add that to this post.

First, disconnect the negative battery cable, remove the stock fog light bulb and disconnect the stock wiring (you can remove the stock wiring but i just kept mine intact just in case I decide to go back to halogens.

Next, connect the universal fog light wiring harness. Here's the one that I got:

Just follow the diagram, it's pretty straightforward. I used the wiring harness because the stock fog light wiring only supplies 35W to both fog lights, which is only enough to power one ballast.

Here's how I ran the wires:

Across the radiator (yellow highlighted wire)

Next, connect the HID ballasts to the wiring harness. I had to use quick connect terminals because the H3 HID kit terminals wouldn't fit the wiring harness.

Here's what I used:

Next remove the fog light housings from the car. There should be 2 12mm bolts mounting them to the body. You can do this next step without taking out the housings and jacking up the car, which is what I did the first time, but it'd make the process much easier.
Remove the access door from the housing, you'll need a phillips head screwdriver.

After removing the access door, you need to bore out the hole for the wires since the HID connectors can't fit through the stock holes. I used a dremel with a cutting wheel but a sanding drum will work better. You don't need to bore out too much, just enough for the connectors to go through. When you're done it should look like this:

Next, install the HID bulb in the housing, it'll be a bit of a squeeze.

Then pull the wires through the access door one at a time.

Here's how mine looked:

That black piece is a rubber piece that's connected to most HID bulbs I've seen (I'm not sure it comes with all of them). I pulled the wires tight through the access door to minimize dirt water and debris getting into the housing. I've never had a problem with water getting into the housing, it's rained a few times, and even snowed and I've had no problems. If you want to make sure that nothing gets in, I suggest using silicone sealant to "glue" the black piece to the access door.

Next, install the ballasts. the good thing about our cars is there's a nice little niche under the headlights that can hold 2 ballasts.

Here's my drivers side, the left ballast is for my low beams and the right is for the fogs. As you can see, I used zip ties and 2-sided tape to mount the ballasts, which has survived 2 autocross events :angel:

Here's my passenger side, the left ballast is for the low beams and the right is for the fogs as well (the bolt is mounting it to my car). Be careful when mounting on this side because there is a gaping hole where my fog light ballast is, I actually ended up dropping a ballast on the road because it got loose and I dumped it down this gaping hole.

When mounting the ballasts make sure that there's enough slack to reach the bulb connectors.

After making sure all connections and ballasts are secure, you're ready to go.


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Awesome write up... Thanks
What temp are those HIDs again?? 3500K?
no problem, dude, just lemme know if i'm missing something or if u need help\more info
they're 3000k hids
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