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how to install a hood scoop... (56K beware)

well tools needed:

#1 SAFETY GLASSES (unless u dont care about your eyes)
hood scoop (im using a 1985 300zx scoop)
a marker (perferably a kind that will come off your paint)
cutting disks (i ended up using like 3-4 of them)
o yea and a hood.

well u mark the hood with the marker, its better to measure were the air filter is under the hood so u can puch a hole in the right spot, along matching the looks of the scoop from the out side, remember measure tiwce and cut once, u only have one shot in this one, u dont want to mess up a whole hood. take your time in it, dont rush it through
http://javascript<b></b>:ShowImage(...441000-441999/441218_29_full.jpg', 575, 461);

then u get a drill and drill the holes were the scoop is gonna bolt on to.
http://javascript<b></b>:ShowImage(...441000-441999/441218_30_full.jpg', 575, 461);

then u check the bolt holes, and see if the scoop falls in snugly.
http://javascript<b></b>:ShowImage(...441000-441999/441218_31_full.jpg', 575, 461);
if not then make the holes a little wider with a dremel
http://javascript<b></b>:ShowImage(...441000-441999/441218_32_full.jpg', 575, 461);

then u get your dremel and use the cutting disks to cut the hole in the hood (make sure u put a rag or something under the hood to cover your battery and air filter and parts under)
http://javascript<b></b>:ShowImage(...441000-441999/441218_33_full.jpg', 575, 461);

http://javascript<b></b>:ShowImage(...441000-441999/441218_36_full.jpg', 575, 461);

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and after your done, get a screw driver or something and pull that peice off.
http://javascript<b></b>:ShowImage(...441000-441999/441218_37_full.jpg', 575, 461);

after that lift hood, and clean under

then u mark and cut the bottom part out, so u can have a big hole for air to get in
http://javascript<b></b>:ShowImage(...441000-441999/441218_39_full.jpg', 575, 461);
http://javascript<b></b>:ShowImage(...441000-441999/441218_40_full.jpg', 575, 461);
http://javascript<b></b>:ShowImage(...441000-441999/441218_41_full.jpg', 575, 461);

then u bolt up the scoop
http://javascript<b></b>:ShowImage(...441000-441999/441218_42_full.jpg', 575, 461);
http://javascript<b></b>:ShowImage(...441000-441999/441218_43_full.jpg', 575, 461);
http://javascript<b></b>:ShowImage(...441000-441999/441218_44_full.jpg', 575, 461);
http://javascript<b></b>:ShowImage(...441000-441999/441218_45_full.jpg', 575, 461);

and your done

finall product's look
http://javascript<b></b>:ShowImage(...441000-441999/441218_46_full.jpg', 575, 461);
http://javascript<b></b>:ShowImage(...441000-441999/441218_47_full.jpg', 575, 461);

edit: things to be mentiond also

- grind down the edges of the cut parts for a cleaner and better looks, and use rust protectant spray(my car is getting painted so its gonna get primerd and then painted so i didnt use any)
- im gonna be usig some silicon from the inside so no rain or water will get through the scoop from around
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