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So I bought some new replacement seats and well the sliders that came with them were crap and annoying to install. So I wanted to use the original stock mounts to harness the seats in. However, this process of customizing is hard, long, tiring and probably a lot harder then if I just stuck with the universal sliders. But the end result is so much better.

-------- seats ---------------------

so here are my seats (passengerside the bracket is already installed)

-------- tools --------------------------

These are the tools I used in the whole process (if you were a machinist or a specialist in metal, I'm sure you could use better methods then I did)

- drill
- some good metal drill bits (I used titanium series from dewalt)
- some hammer wedge/chisels
- hammer

-------- stock harness brackets --------------------------

Firstly strip the seats so that the mounts are left. you are left with these two peices from each seat.

the read circles are where the double ended bolts are. These needs to be drilled out.

---------- removing weld points ----------------------

each side has 4 welded points. if you look really carefully you can see a outline circle on the metal where the weld points are. I've circled the weld points so you can find them easier. these need to be removed in order to take the upper harness plate off the bottom slider mount. I drilled them out starting with a small bit and increasing in size.

this is the recliner side weld areas

this is the seatbelt side weld areas

the seatbelt side has an extra weld that connects the metal plate to the seatbelt harness

------ seperate upper plate from lower slider bracket -------------

most likely you'll have to work around the crap to drill out the welds. the recliner side is somewhat complicated to get the rear most double head bolt out. I worked from front to back, so that I could bend the upper mount so I had space to drill the rear bolt.

after the welds are removed, you can seperate the upper plate from the lower slider bracket with a chisel and hammer.

here are before and after pictures of what you should end up with.

recliner side

seatbelt side

------- seatbelt mount plate ------------

you'll notice that the above picture, on the seatbelt side of the slider bracket, I circled the seatbelt mount. Depending on the new seats you have, you may or may not have to remove this. Most likely you do because the stock seat design were made to have these mounts on the side of the seats. since these mounts are going on the bottom of my seats, that seatbelt mount will be in the way. I just cut it off by drilling with a small bit a bunch of holes that made a line as close to the base as possible. sorry I dont have a picture of this, but you can kind of imagine the mount without it.

----- mounting the slider brackets --------

now that the slider brackets are by themselves, you'll have to measure out how to bolt them onto your seats. This is the easiest part. here are before and after pictures of the bottom.

----- inside the car modifications -------------------

now most likely the brackets won't fit in the car's original mounting points. Using the inside mounting point, closest to the console, mount the inside of the seat to it. Now you'll be short of a few inches from the outside mounts, closes to the door. here are the pictures.

However you choose to mod this is up to you, because I haven 't done it yet =P, but this is also very easy. the rear outside mount will be off the ground of the car, since the original mounting point is raised.

Well I hope this will be helpful to those installing seats.

sorry no pictures of my seats installed because I haven't done so yet. I still need to put the driver side in. I will probably post another thread of the pictures after and refer to this thread for how to install.
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