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Made an IC sprayer setup

So I got my new tranny in and all fixed up, and I've been meaning to find some time to do this mod. All it cost was $5 for a windshield washer reservoir from some car, and my friend stole the pump and jets :D
Took about 2 hours to install.

Here's the parts. I used some thin aluminum to make brackets to hold the jets and then used bolts to hold the brackets to the bumper core. Also needed some 1/8" hose, a tee, some electrical tape and wire, and the two jets of course.

The jets are mounted right in front of the intercooler. I actually had 2 free holes from when I took off my front bumper a while back to try to fit the saab 9000 intercooler and broke the little screws trying to put it back on. Worked out perfect.

I wedged the tank in between my battery and the subframe. No need to even make a bracket to hold it there, the battery and tank are snug against each other.

I wired the pump into my hobbs pressure switch to come on at 11 psi with my 5th injector. I haven't noticed any direct gains using it, but it will keep my air temps lower since I have to run this stock turbo for a little while longer :rolleyes:

If you have a little fab skills I recommend this.

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