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Custom LED Gauge Needle Lights

First off, id like to note that if you have no knowledge of electric componets or how any of these parts work, then i suggest you stick to the bulbs.
The leds are much brighther then bulbs,1 led equals the brightness of 1 bulb. LEDs also last alot longer, so you should probaly never have to change these.
These are Similar to the LAZER needles on ebay, but from comparison, the lazer needles are much brighter. After further examineing and testing our gauge light output's, ive noticted that installing the lazer needles in our gauges would do nothing, and that installing them is probaly virtually impossible because of the way our gauges are built.

On to the project:

Tools Needed:
wire Strippeds/cutters, Hot Glue gun ([email protected]), Hot Glue Sticks, Soldering tool, Soldering Wire (40tin/60leadacidcore), Electrical Tape or Shrink tubeing,Philips Screw Driver,Smallest Speaker Wire you can get. I also used a small 12vt Battery for a 4wheeler for "testing purposes".

10 to 25 5mm LEDS with resistors (depending on how many you want to use) I used 15.

You can get them pretty cheap here: The more you buy, the better the deal.
You can use the 3mm but i have found the 5mm to be brighter and easy to work with.

Step 1. you will need to remove the large portion of your dash counsel. There are 3 philips screws that hold it in place in the gauge cluster area. The rest snaps in. (if you cannot remove this, stop the project)

Step 2. Once the dash peice is removed, Remove the 4 philips screws that hold the Gauge cluster in, Pull the cluster out as much as possible (but dont force it) Now reach behind the cluster and remove the 3 Wireing harness tabs, this can be difficult.

Step 3. Once the cluster is out, remove the casing frame from the cluster, simple tabs hold it in place.

Step 4. now to removeing the internals (warning, do not play with the needles, tape them secure if possible. Moving the needles can damage them. Here are the parts needed to be removed.

Step 5. Put the screws in bags and label them. This is helps when installing the gauges and prevents you from loosing the screws.

Step 6. Wireing the LEDS

when wireing the leds, you want them to be all the same. wire the resistor to the end with the small peice in the led. Use a small peice of tape to cover up the resitor side of the wire.
you want to wire them all in clusters of 4 to 5

push the clusters through the bulb socket holes, and hot glue them in place.
These will be externally wired. Once you have all the clusters glued in place, start wireing the back, Wire all the clusters together and either wire your power source to the stock gauge light power, or a new power source.

Once everything is wired up and working correctly, reinstall the gauges following the steps in reverse.

Ill update this soon with more pics..

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great write up, u have a pm!
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