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Well after running around with a clanking noise every time I run ove a bump, not to mention not being able to align the car and having my steering wheel jerked about at randon. I decided to get some bushings. My passenger side was completely busted. After searching for a bit I found the SuperPro poly bushings, I only installed the front ones which are part # SPF1843K which are ~$50 plus shipping. They also make rear control arm bushings, but I didn't get those because they were $100 plus shipping. There are 3 models for the rear bushings, regular camber, positive camber and negative camber. You probably can figure out what is the difference between them.

This is the packaging:

What they look out of the package:

If you are wondering how the hell I got the stock bushings out, well there are two solutions. 1.) Burning them off, but the smell of burn rubber and the risk of damaging something with the torch isn't to appealing to me. 2.) I decided to put my engineering degree to the test and made my own little tool. Its basically a threaded rod, you pass it through the hole on the bushing and put a nut and washer on the end. On the other end slide over a peice of pipe bigger than the bushing. I used a 2.5" diameter, about 6" long pipe, I then got a flat peice of steel and drilled a hole through it and put another not. Now to remove the bushing just turn the nut and after a few minutes you will have witness the birth of a stock control arm bushing. Below is a pic of my tool.... well my tool is bigger than that, let me clarify, the tool I made to remove the control arm bushing.

The tool installed removing the bushing, for another angle:

Stock bushing removed:

New bushings greased and installed:

Installed and bolted on:

Another view

The other side I had to hammer the bushing out because it came apart since it was broken.


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