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1. You need to register. This makes things easier when you want to post a picture more than once. Click on this link to start: ImageShack® - Register
Fill out all of your information and click on {Register Now}

2. Goto the email that you used to register. Find the email from ImageShack Registration <[email protected]>. If you don't see this email make sure you check your spam filter for it. You should receive this email almost instantly. This means you shouldn't have to wait for it. Your email should look like this:

3. Find your registration link.

Copy this link and make a book mark out of in in your browser. It will come in handy if you decide to make more than one imageshack account. I suggest naming the bookmark something like Imageshack [email address].

4. Click on the bookmark you just made.

5. Make sure you read the rules. There are three things you have to worry about.
  1. Images that are over 1.5 mb (1536 kb) will either fail uploading or be resized.
  2. Images that exceed 100 mb/hour bandwidth may be removed.
  3. No pr0n!
Now you can click on the yellow frog.

6. Now click on {Browse...} and find the picture that you want to find.

7. Now that you found your image, click on {host it!}

8. Now your internet browser should look like this:

For a thumbnail use Thumbnail for forums (1)
For the whole image use Direct link to image
To upload another picture click on Upload and go back to Step 6.

Now you should be done. If you need to upload an image at another time you can now do step 4 and then folow the instructions below.

9. Click on Upload Images and goto Step 6.
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