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This is A "How To" for replacing the stock radiator on a 1993-1997 Mx6 V6...
Sorry that the picures arent step by step I did this about a month ago and didn't take pictures so im doing it from memory and with pics I already have. is the link to the pictures for this project.

***WARNING*** I am not responsible for anything resulting from using this "How To" these are only my opinions on doing it and safety and common sense should be used.Also, Remember never work on a cooling system when the engine is how Serious Burns and Injury may result.

Needed Tools:

14mm Socket Wrench
10mm Socket wrench
8mm Socket wrench
Philips-Head Screwdriver
Flat-Head Screwdriver
Bucket or container for Rad. Fluid

Step One:
First, go ahead and remove that good old battery. Next, if your car still has radiator fluid in it, i suggest lifting the front of the car and on the right side facing the front of the car you will see the drain plug remove that and drain your system.

Step Two:
Now, take and remove the bolts 1.A and 1.B and loosen the philips head screw from the intake box and remove the intake snorkle.Then, Remove Bolt 2.A and 2.B which up the upper radiator rackets and also take your pliars and remove the radiator hose #1.

Step Three:
Unclip the radiator fan plugs.Now comes the tricky part which is getting the radiator out mine was fairly easy to get out i pulled up and it was tight between the upper support bar and exhaust headers but a little tugging and mine pulled out but be careful there are another 2 hoses to remove...Now take and remove the hose going into the expansion chamber and also the hose going into the bottom corner of the radiator.

Step Four:
Take and check out all your old hoses now because you dont wanna reinstall it all only to have a cracked hose 2 weeks later.Take and assemble your new radiator and reinstall is opposite of removal.

Step Five:
Take and fill your system back up with Radiator Fluid and let the car run for about five minutes to warm up a little and once the radiator cap isn't hot turn it to the first click and make sure it doesnt erupt if it doesn't remove it.Check your fluid level again till its full and there you have it.

Any questions or comments can be Sent Via PM or AIM
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