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How to: Removal of Vinal rear deck

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Removal of vinal rear deck...

-Philips screwdrivers (one stubby, and one regular)
-Flathead (to help remove sidepanels)


1. Well ok, you first need to fold both back seats down.. There will be 2 screws behind each seat.. remove 'em..
2. Next You'll need to remove a side panel, (preferably the drivers side), in order to get to a screw behind the side panel for the rear deck.
3. the side panels are held on by 4 metal clips, so dont loose em and pull on it firmly.
4. The whole side panel won't come totally out youll have to just push it away from the frame.
5. You'll then see a screw below the seatbelt that is holding the rear deck in. Its also a philips so use the stubby driver to remove that one.
6. Youll need to also remove your speakers since they hold down the deck too. (those speaker covers just snap up you can use the flathead to do so. BE VERY GENTLE THOUGH U CAN LOOSE THOSE SNAPS THAT HOLD THOSE SPEAKER COVERS DOWN AND THEY WILL RATTLE!)
7. pull the lip of the deck towards you and up to get it off of those locks for the seats. (dont be afraid to pull it its not going to break)
8. the vinal wont stay up on its own so youll have to stick your arm up inbetween it as best as you can and just feel around the central area to see if u find anything. ( If its too hard to reach in there, do the same procedure to the passenger side) If you find anything, take it out, and yeah!!:p
9. Push back down on the vinal deck until it goes back into place.. Then put back the screw near the seatbelt behind the side panel.. Snap the side panel back into place..
10. Put the 4 screws back into the deck behind the seats and screw your speakers back down, and your done!!

Any questions just PM me..
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Excellent right up! For some reason, when I play my speakers loud, the back rattles. Its not the speakers, but its the viny and other crap in between that rattles when the bass kicks in.
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