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How to remove your Ze/De intake.

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How to remove your Ze/De intake. Lots of Pics.

I had an unsucessful try at installing my ze cams on my de. As i was going thru and removing everything, i noticed being my first time, i needed more time than a day if i wanted to do it right the first time. And since i do my work alone and didnt have all the tools at this time, i decided to push it off for another day or weekend.

Meanwhile, i was thinking about doing a 'How To' for the cams. So i started to take a bunch of pics. Since i didnt finish, here is a 'How to' on removing your intake manifold.

Since there is a lot of info on Probetalk, I decided that we needed some more recent stickys or "how to's". So this is for you guyz.

My specific pics are for a Ze intake on a De motor. Please keep in mind, for those who have De intakes, you may have to remove a couple more vaccum hoses behind the intake. And if its your first time, there is a small vertical bracket behind the intake that is bolted to the intake and head/vc that you will have to remove with i think it was a 10 or 12mm socket.

But this is exactly how i did mine and its a step-by-step simple instruction. Your car may vary depending on your set up.

Basic tools: Wratchet Set with Metric sockets and extensions.
Plyers or Gerber/Leatherman for hose clamps
A Rag, Phillips screwdriver, Magnetic Retreiver

First is a couple shots of engine bay and you will see what we have to work with.

You will need to relieve the fuel pressure by removing your gas cap and unplugging the green fuel fuse under the hood in the fuse box. Turn on car until it dies after excess fuel is burned. Then, unplug the neg battery cable and put it aside. You dont have to unplug the neg battery cable but i always do. Better safe than sorry.

Care Area.

Shot of rear.

The first thing you want to do is prep the intake for removal. If you have a stock are box remember there are 3 bolts that hold the airbox to the compartment. And dont forget the vacuum hose under Vaf if you have stock air box.

Start by removing the Vaf Plug.

Next, remove the rear valve cover vaccum hose (rear pcv) that is connected to intake elbow. You may have to push throttle bracket down to have room for your hand.

Next, you take your phillips screwdriver and remove the clamp that connects to throttle body. Or you can use a 5/16 socket. Mine is stripped, thats why i used the screwdriver. works just as good.

Next, wiggle or pull out intake elbow and allow your cai extension to fall down in front of the trans and tucked out of the way.

Movin right along,

Pull off your pcv valve and hose.

And the other end.

Careful with the electrical connectors. You dont want to pull off a wire on a plug and put yourself in a schit hole scroungin for plugs...

Remove the Throttle Position plug.

Remove the IAC white plug. Be very careful with this one.

Next, unplug the two fuel rail plugs and two vaccum hoses from solenoid valve. One connects to fpr and the other to #6 runner vaccum nipple.

Next, you will disconnect the fuel lines. One hard line on the fuel rail and the other line on the fpr, pull back the clamp and pull the fpr line. Take your 17mm socket and remove the bolt to the hard line. Take caution not to drop the copper washer on the other side of hard line. I used a rag and placed it under the fuel lines to prevent any leftover spills. And helps catch the copper washer as shown. Replace copper washers if applicable. I did when i got my Outlaw kit a while ago.

Next you want to remove the vaccum hoses and vris solenoid plugs. Again, on the De intake you may have one or two more vaccum hoses to remove. If you're not sure what to unplug, unplug it all and install it refering to the vaccum diagram that you can find if you google it.

The one or two hoses behind tb. I only have one with the cai, but since i put on my stock air box back instead of my intake, i now have two vaccum hoses connected. One goes to canister and other to stock air box.

I cant remember if on the De intake you have to remove the hose connected to neck but refer to this if you have to. On the Ze, you dont have to.

Remove the 3 solenoind plugs in rear of manifold. And set aside or tuck away.

The famous egr 'T'. Unplug the bottom hose.

Pull out the brake booster hose.

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And now the Throttle Body.

Push down on the throttle bracket and wiggle out the throttle cable and set aside or tuck underneith intake.

Use your 12 and 13mm sockets to remove bolts. For some reason the top two nuts are 12mm and the bottom two are 13mm bolts. I think its just the way it is. I first lossen the nuts/bolts and then take them off by hand, it allows me to spin them off.

Again, on my set up, i have already put longer tb coolant hoses so on yours you may have to wiggle it out a little more. I was able to pull of throttle body in less than 5 seconds while holding the throttle bracket down. You dont have to remove brake fluid reservoir, just push down on the throttle bracket.

Still with me?

Next unplug the rear spark plug wires and set them aside. For the most part, the shorter plug goes to the closest plug and longest to the furthest plug.

Remove the spark plug wire holding brakets on the front valve cover with your 5/16 socket or phillips. This will allow you to easily remove the intake in one shot. if not, you will have to wiggle it out or end up breaking the bracket being its 15 yr old plastic parts.

And this is why you need the magnet tool. I just screw it back in its whole without the bracket so i dont lose them.

And finally, the intake. Start by loosening the 8 bolts with your 12mm and then loosen the 4 nuts at the 4 corners. Again, I just loosen them so i can spin them off and remove them with the magnet tool. Make sure you dont lose anything.

Remove the last short hose on the rear valve cover and intake hard line.

And that is it. If you still have your stock De intake, there is a bracket holding the intake to the valve cover on the back drivers side, use a small wrachet and a 12mm socket to remove it. You will never have to use this agian.

Now just grip the intake on the #2 runner and #6 runner or intake neck and pull.

You should look like this. With my port matched spacers.

And carefully lay it down and inspect the vris lines and solenoid nipples. Make sure none are broken off. I would recommend replacing all vaccum lines if its your first time.

And now would be a good time to inspect the rear valve cover gasket for any leaks and your rear header for any exhaust leaks. Replace anything if necessary.

To reinstall everything, just follow simple steps backwards and you will be ok.


I dont think i missed anything but if i did, remember, i reminded you in the steps that your setup may be different than mine.

Hope this helps!! Ray

Incase my pics dissapear, here is a photobucket link to them..RayzMX6 - Page 1 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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I think this is a good writeup, and should be moved to projects??
thanks, too bad no one notices it. i was hoping it could be a sticky.
thankssss ima need this next week.. sticky material!
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BUMP, this seriously needs to be moved to projects/faqs
I made a copy

I think this is a good writeup, and should be moved to projects??
On ZE intake there is a rubber hose coming out of metal hose on a side of intake in the rear beside the throttle budy. Whats that for?
Great post. Rdy to take out my intake in the next couple of days... Thanks Boyzero
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