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Ok Mazda wants you to pay mega $ when the switches for your power windows break. In most cases the only problem is a piece of broken plastic.

Heres how to fix it yourself. (This repair was done on an E spec mx6 so the procedure may be slightly different with an A spec mx6.)

First take off the door skin. There should be 1 screw near the top of the door, near the hinge. There is also a clip at the end of the door near the lock. (Which I managed to break, and need to replace, no biggy) Make sure you pull out the drivers power mirror cover on top of the door skin, before you try moving the door skin.

There is a screw in the door latch as well. Once these have been taken off, pull the bottom of the door skin so the clips come undone. Push up on the door skin. This may take some effort. Its attached pretty well. At the same time or when its best push the door latch through the plastic surround so it frees itself.

Now there are 3 connectors. Theres two connectors for the power windows and the power mirrors. I labelled both so I didn't confuse the two,(same type of plug) Lastly there is a connector for the door light at the end of the door. This takes some effort to get out. Look at the picture for more info.

See First picture.

Now this is done the door skin should come off. Now unscrew the power window switch. To dismantle this unscrew the 4 screws. Then get a soldering iron and heatup the two circled pins, then pull up. The plug is a good grabbing point for this. Get a 2nd person for this if possible, it's easier this way. Look at the picture for more info.

Now the two pieces should be seperate.

My problem was the plastic strip that went into the circuitboard switch had broken off. On the good switch you will see the plastic strip a white little strip and a hole.

For the bad switch get a piece of bare metal wire. In my case I used 1.25mm metal wire. Cut a strip and bend in half and cut to size. Get the soldering iron and some spare plastic. Insert the wire into the hole on the bad switch. Melt some of the spare plastic you have and fill the hole around the wire. Try not to inhale the toxic fumes :D while your at it. Let this harden. Do a test fit and see if it works. I took pictures of this but they didnt come out well, so I didn't post them. Some other people have also tried super gluing the plastic strip back on, you can try that if you want.

Now solder the two pins you unsoldered before. You may run into a problem here. If you do not have enough solder on both sides of the circuitboard (internal and external) the lock button will be constantly on and you wont be able to open you passenger window at all, with either button. Do a test fit and make sure it's working properly before you reinstall everything.

As people say installation is the reverse of removal.

Disclaimer: If you stuff it up it isn't my fault. Be careful.

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Courtesy of Jasonius is this further explanation on how to fix the switch:
A lot of good pics.

This is what he did:

Hey Gang,

My driver side power window switch died as well, and I wasn't too excited about buying a whole new unit, so I engaged the mighty power of beer and innovation.

Howto extension to Odins original thred below. I couldn't post in the other area - apparently I don't have permission!


Your power window switch goes 'snap' and won't wind the window up or down. The switch moves around loosely on its housing.

Whats happened?

The switch assembly has a small plastic 'stalk' that sticks out at right angles to the switch. This nudges bushes on the internals of the switch assembly to tell the window to go up/down:

What tools will I need?

Well, as always, every good home handyperson job starts with beer:

You'll also need:

- Small flathead screwdriver (to lever the switch off)
- Philips head scredriver (to detach door skin and switch assembly)
- Multigrip pliers (to bend wire)
- Small guage wire (to replace broken foot)
- Drill and small drill bit to match wire guage
- More beer (just because)
- Long sewing needle (to extract broken foot)

How do I fix it?

Righto, first thing - remove the door skin. Odin goes over the removal procedure quite well, so I won't rehash it. It really really helps to wind down the window before you remove the skin.You should end up with this:

Be careful to remove *all* the screws though, including the one in the door handle. Someone removed the doorskin (prior to my ownership) forgot that one, and tore the bottom of the door handle (internal) off.

The switch assembly is held on with two screws, top and bottom of the assembly behind the door skin. Undo these and the assembly just slides out:

In Odins howto, he actually removes (desolders) the PCB from the switch assembly. I wasn't too excited about doing that, and noted that you can actually lever the switch (very carefully) off. Be careful not to lose the little white plug and spring (which I did). It doesn't seem to do a lot, and my switch works fine without it, but I'm sure its there for a reason.:

Once you've removed the switch, you have to dig around inside the assembly to locate and extract the broken foot stalk. I found a long sewing needle very handly for this. You can embed it in the stalk and pull it out. Keep it for measuring purposes later.

Once this is removed, adjourn to your workbench with wire, pliers, drill and beer.

Grab the broken stalk (I tried glueing it, but it just snapped again). Get your wire, cut a length, and bend in half:

Cut it longer than the switch, and longer than you think you'll need. You can see above that I've cut it approx 1.5cm longer than required. The extra length is used to embed the wire into the switch.

Grab your handy drill, and carefully drill two approx .5cm deep new holes where the foot used to be attached:

Now insert the metal replacement foot into the holes you've made. Measure up how much material you need to cut fromthe wire to keep it at the same level as the old foot.

Heat up the bottom of the wire with a lighter/candle/heating device, being careful not to burn your fingers.

Dip fingers in beer to ease burning sensation

Drink greasy beer

Insert the heated wire in the holes. The heat will melt the plastic around it, and affix the wire to the switch:

Wait awhile to let it set, check for wobbles etc. You could also use glue if you like, but I like playing with fire.

Go back to the car, replace the switch, and connect to the dangling connecter assembly. Test that the new switch works:

Once you're happy that it will work properly, replace the door skin and away you go.

While you've got the skin off, its a good opportunity to lube the window rails, fix any wiring etc.

Have more beer (preferrably untainted with burnt finger), and bask in the glow of your handiness.


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