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in my ongoing attempt to wire up a 4-ch amp, I'm stuck at running the wire through the door to the speaker.

Has anyone ever run the wires through the factory rubber boot? So far I've only been working on the passenger side and I really can't see how one would do that.

Failing that, the options that I've thought of so far are to just drill holes and run the wires through them. Next one, and the one that I'm favouring right now is to splice the speaker wires to the radio harness adapter.

I'm only going to be running ~30wrms/ch to the speakers, but I'm not sure if the skinny little factory wire will be able to handle that.

Any advice?

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i drilled my own holes... and used flexloom all the way through to protect the speaker wies,,, and i used tape to secure it,, wish i had used shrink tube for it instead.. oh well.. it is very easy.. just find a location and drill...

if not then you can go to a autoparts store and pick up some valve grommets.. rubber
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