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This How-To was performed on a 1989 MX-6 GT Turbocharged 2.2L SOHC 12 Valve.

Performance Gain: Probably only a couple ponies, but it opens up the RESPONSE from mid to high range. Mostly a top end modification.

Price Range: I got all my parts for under $40 at O'reilly Auto Parts. You will need the following parts:

MAF Sensor Adapter - Part number is SPT 81413 - $11.99
Air Filter - Part number is SPT 9132 - $19.99
Bolt Clamp - Part number is SPT 3992 - $2.99

Tools you will need:

10mm & 12mm sockets
Phillips head screwdriver
1/4" Drill bit
Electric Drill
Regular Pliers


Here you can see all of the parts laid out.

1) Unplug the air flow meter connector.

2)Now removing the air flow meter from the car. As you see there is a vacuum hose going to the lid of the air box. I just removed this and set it aside clear of any moving parts. Take your phillips screw driver and loosen up the screw from the air ducting to the air flow meter. Now remove all the screws on the air box lid. You can use a 10mm socket on these if your patterns were too stripped out to use the screwdriver. Now careful DO NOT remove the lid just yet. You still have one hidden bolt. Using the 10mm socket look between the air flow meter and the firewall. You will see a bracket going down and there is the nut holding it. Remove the air flow meter with the air box lid.

3) Removing air box lid from air flow meter. On the inside of the lid you will see FOUR(4) bolts holding the air flow meter to the lid. Remove these with your 10mm socket. SAVE these bolts as you will need them for attaching the adapter plate for the short ram.

4) Install the provided spacer provided in kit. It is black.

5) Now with your sharpie you will see four pre-tapped marks around the spacer marking the holes that need to be drilled out to fit the air flow meter. I used the sharpie to make it easier to see it. Drill these out and hollow out the holes so the bolt can move freely.

6) Attach adapter plate to the air flow meter. It took me 15 minutes to do this because I kept on having to make the holes bigger then ended up putting two of the four bolts on with pliers. DO NOT LEAVE ANY BOLTS OFF. I believe in doing the job right...leaving bolts off is half assing it to me.

7) Now take the clamp. Remove the rubber spacer included with the clamp. Slide clamp over air filter.

8) Install air filter onto adapter and secure with 10mm socket.

9) Removing the bottom part of the air box. You have three screws. Use your 12mm on these. Remove the bottom. I left the rest of the intake ducking to still provide a cool air flow onto the ram air filter.

10) Install the air flow meter with filter back into place. Secure the phillips screw clamp that you loosened first. Don't forget to attach the bolt holding the air flow meter adapter. Plug it back up and crank her up. YOU ARE DONE!

Here is a video of my 0-80 in ECON mode(I have a auto tranny). I was impressed.:shrug:

Side note- You will notice a BOV sound(this is from your bypass valve if you still have that like most don't). That is normal its because everything is flowing better since you are now getting more air feeding into the turbo.

Disclaimer- Take your time. I am not responsible if you rush this and mess up the adapter. Luckily you can go buy a new one. BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR AIR FLOW METER. I am not responsible if you lose a lot of MPG due to being WOT more often. ;)

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i almost want to try this but i know the stock filter gets colder air.

Do you have the stock exhaust. Cause i wouldn't mind mine sounding a little beefier.
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