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How To: Single Relay Setup for HID

Well, i have had alot of people ask me about how to wire a relay, and where the fuses go ect. So when i was wiring my ballasts into my winter car i figured id snap some pics for yall.

Here it is.

This is the wire diagram you go by.

Here is the process i did.

1) Put 2 15 amp fuses together with a yellow slide connector.
2) Put your 30 amp fuse with a blue slide connector.
3) Then put the 30 Amp one on pin 30 or the relay
4) Then put the 2 15's on pin 87 of the relay
5) Cap the center (87a) with a connector with no wire on it.

Then you should have this.

Then you need to cut off the 9004 harness on the driver side, and put crimp connectors and wire extensions on the red/white, and black/yellow wires.

Then put slide connectors on the ends of them and connect the red/white to pin 85 and black/yellow to pin 86

You should now have this. Your relay will be totally done


Ok now you can mount the relay. Here is where i mounted mine...

Now all you have to do is 5 more wires and your done.

Then you need to take your 30 amp fuse and connect it to 12V + I just ran it to the fusebox since its the closest place you have 12V

Then mount your ballast if you havent already done so... I put a bolt in the top, and ziptied the bottom.

Then run the positive on the ballast to one of the 15amp fuses, and the negative to the nearest ground spot. (i used the factory battery ground spot)

Then run a single wire extension from the other 15 amp fuse to the other side of the car. I just ran it under the radiator support...

Connect that to the pos on that ballast, and then hook the ballast negative up to ground. (i grounded on the fender bolt)

Then your all done, tuck the wires away as b est possible, or you can put wire loom on, but my wires are so short there is no point in putting loom on.

Here it is tucked away

And the results are are excellent


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OH, and if you do this, be sure to to carry an extra relay in the glovebox because if you burn the relay out you will loose both headlights....

Or else you can run a dual relay circut but that is a little more complicated and i would not advise trying to do that unless to know how relays work...
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