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Ok, I finally figured out how to wire my jdm mirrors. It took me a good while to figure this out, but I finally did. Here is a how to on how to do it.

1. Take the old aspec mirrors off. This pretty self explanatory. Just take the black triangle cover off the inside of the door and you will see some bolts. Take them off and it should fall out.

2. Install the jdm mirrors. Do the opposite of step one.

3. Take the door panels off. Once again, pretty self explanatory.

4. Ok, now comes the hard part. Or at least it was for me..haha but will not be for you.

A. Now assuming you have the wires coming out of the mirror down to the connector and from there to the switch, you should be able to follow these instructions fairly easily.

B. You will have to cut the connectors off of the wires coming out of both doors because they are different than the jdm one.

C. Peel back the black tape surrounding the ends and prep them for connecting to other wires.

D. You will need to cut the black tape from around the wires coming from the switch all the way back to where the switch wires and the mirror wires connect.

E. Refer to this diagram to wire them up.

You will have to buy some 18gauge wire. You will need to cut 4 pieces of wire about 5 feet long. then you will have to tape all four up real good with electric tape. Then you will have to run the 4 wires through the back, bottom of your dash and then through each door and have them come out the hole that the other wires are coming out of. Now you will have to connect one of each of the wires to the Y/B, BR/Y, LG/Y, LG/R on each end of the car. This will connect the four wires to each other. That is what makes it work.

The brown, black, blue/black wires need to be connected together. There will be 4 black wires on the ds that will all need to go together.

The brown/black and lightgreen/black wires coming out of the door on each side need to be cut off and not used at all. Once you have all of them connected, try it out and make sure they work, electrical tape it all up and tada! you have working JDM folding mirrors!!

I will post some pics if the diagram isnt enough, but pics are hard to tell with little bitty wires hanging everywhere.

Karma would be appreciated since several of you have pm'd me in recent weeks asking for directions on hooking these babies up.

Ok, jestermx6 gave me a few diagrams for the mirrors that he made and someone else gave him. They are slightly different than mine, but nonetheless work just as well. There is also a diagram for the switch that is located on the dash just in case you dont have the combo door switch like mine.

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