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A stock 2G KL03 V6 puts something like 135HP to the wheels.

With all the simple bolt ons (say, CAI, headers, cat-back, throttle body etc) the V6 will end up with about 150-155HP at the wheels.

If you turbo it and boost to around 8PSI, you can have upwards of 220HP at the wheels.

A ZE will be putting about 160-165HP to the wheels bone stock. With the some bolt-ons I've heard as high as 181HP.

A turbo on a ZE won't turn a whole lot more power than a turbo on a KL03 since you won't be able to safely run as much boost due to the higher compression and the reciprocating assembly is no stronger. Still, with better flowing heads and intake, the ZE would be in the 230-240HP range (guessing) - at the wheels.
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