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knaw CEL = Check Engine Lamp (that little orange light on the dash with the drawing of an engine in it that lights up when you turn the ignition on but don't start it.) It's connected to the engine control computer and is lit by the computer (when the engine is running) when the computer senses a fault of some sort. On all 1993-1995 2.5L V6 models of the MX6 and Probe, there's a pin in the Diagnostic box called "TEN" (which stands for something like Test ENgine) which, when grounded, puts the computer into a special diagnostic mode where the computer flashes stored error codes on the CEL (among other things the PCM does in this mode...) Some non-North American market cars (UK, South Africa etc) don't have a CEL populated on their dashboards, for whatever reason.

4-cylinder MX6 & Probes of these years may have used Ford's EEC-IV engie system and do not have a TEN pin in their diagnostic box. Their codes are read out by grounding a separate wire called "STI" or "Self Test In".

4banger93, if the aformentioned suggestions do not help, I'd next suggest cleaning the MAF sensor elements. Do a search on "MAF cleaning" to get the skinny on this fairly quick procedure. BTW, I'd use brake-part cleaner on the elements and not carb cleaner...
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