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Hello Everyone, this is my first post on this forum. I`m also part of the TCCA Ford Taurus Forum.
I bought this 1995 Ford Probe SE yesterday evening. ..and I think I'm in love. Haha
For real, I have been looking for a good one of these in the NJ/PA area for about a year now, and I'm glad I waited.

  • Color is Seafoam Metallic (T20)
  • It`s a `95 SE with GT rims (installed by previous owner)
  • Manual Transmission
  • 91k miles
  • Retracting Antenna (Epic)
  • Aftermarket Bluetooth radio
She does need a little bit of TLC, but I'm sure that with help from you guys she`ll be just as good as new!
I`m looking forward to meeting you Ford and Mazda folks!! View attachment 13802 View attachment 13800 View attachment 13799
Most people say the SE probes are pointless... (Because the GT is similar price) but the SE has its perks.... I.E better gas milage, optional hand crank windows, etc.... I wish the GT had the option of hand crank windows, that would seal the deal
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