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Just quickly cause I'm out of time...

After a day at the track on Sunday here the best track times.

MX-6 1.38.44s
WRX(1) 1.42 (2.0 AWD turbo)
WRX(2) 1.39
Porsche 993 1.38.5s (3.6 carrera)
Mitsubishi 3000GT 1.34s (!)
Commodore SS (3) around 1.40 (225kw)
HSV GTS 300 (tricked to 350kw) 1.39
Skyline GT, Proton GTI, Seat Cupra, too slow to get a mention!

Needless to say... it's not just about hp! :)

Oh, and these we're not your typical club racers, this was a motorsport training day most people hadn't been to a track before (my second time)...

Still and all, all were impressed with the stability, handling and looks of the MX!
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