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The only thing to do in my little is race from light to light. Needless to say I have had quite the variety of challanges. So far I have beaten a supposedly "supped up" Nissan 240, a 93 camaro V-6 5 speed, an older Jetta, and yes I was able to kill a rice burner Civic Si. My favorite was when I wasted my dad in his 97 Sebring LXI. That one was easy eventhough they have 163hp. But they also have huge hinderances like being chunky and having one of the slowest autos ever created. Not to mention the fact that they have no low end torque. All this was accomlished with my completely stock MX6. Oh and for those of you who like me cant afford mods yet. When you need to have exaust work done take out the resonator. It will make the car sound and perform alittle better, not by much but it helps.
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